We honor a set of principles comprised of integrity, respecting others, a drive towards unending progress, and motivation to improve the world.



Integrity is the foundation of all our values and competencies – it entails honesty, a genuine care for others, delivering on promises, accepting responsibility, self-improvement, and illustrating reliability.


Our business is people. Everything we do depends on how well we understand the client and their users’ needs. At the core, we believe in building strong relationships that rely on open communication and active listening. This helps us align on business objectives, fulfill expectations, and deliver compelling user experiences.


We find challenges exciting and we’re always eager to improve our skills and knowledge, by pushing ourselves past limitations in order to set new boundaries and think outside the box without fear.


We’re a team of designers, researchers, and illustrators who have spent the past 15 years working with enterprise and early-mid stage companies. Our capacity to learn, understand new concepts, innovate, and strategize helps strengthen our knowledge and experiences.

“Igor’s work ethics, integrity, and genuine interest in putting what was the best for the customer out there always stood out to me. He was always in touch with the latest practices in the world of UX and often took the initiative in coming up with improvements to existing areas of the product.”

Milad Naseri Software Engineer - Google

We consider user needs from the very beginning of the product cycle, framing and validating our assumptions about user behaviors and problems. In this way, we design the product around how the user can, wants, and needs to use the product rather than seeking to change the users’ behaviors to fit the product.

Common practices: Formative, generative and summative research.


We work as an agile team that is quick flexible, and capable of responding to change without sacrificing quality. By working collaboratively with stakeholders, developers, and users through a process of continuous requirement changes and user validation, my team is able to deliver digital products fast.

Common practices: Expecting changes in requirements, shared vision, frequent communication, small and frequent releases.


User feedback is vital in order to ensure my team builds products that your users really need and want – during product development, we investigate and validate assumptions about what users really need, and answer those needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Common practices: Minimum Viable Product (MVP), actionable metrics, pivot or persevere, build-measure-learn cycles, lean business canvas.


Working on complex applications requires us to be comfortable working with some uncertainty while problem solving, as it is impossible to accurately assume solutions at the beginning of any project.

Common practices: Data analysis matrix, future enhancement plan, measuring user engagement.

“Igor possesses a strong understanding of the UX process and has demonstrated strong project management skills in regards to his work. His enthusiasm and proficiency for design has a notable impact on his work and team, making him a valuable resource to any organization.”

Ben Herd Product Manager - Indeed

By removing barriers to launching digital products, my team and I deliver design solutions that matter – transforming the way we live.

I put my name on the line with every project that I work on – as a seal of my guarantee to deliver the best possible results.