We aim to solve user problems that empower others, inspire innovation, and improve the world.



We conduct research to frame your product’s problems and help you develop a strategic and well-defined product roadmap in order to establish your goals and tackle your issues.

Common practices: Stakeholder readouts, outcome oriented product roadmaps, and business model lean canvas.


We use a variety of research methods to gain a deeper understanding of the users, while identifying their problems and clarifying their purpose and goals for using your product.

Common practices: Competitive analysis, contextual user inquiries, surveys, heuristic evaluations, and interviews with stakeholders, users, and SMEs.


We mediate the space between users and products by building easy-to-use interfaces that engage, delight, and communicate with users on all desktop and mobile devices.

Common practices: Affinity mapping, user personas, sitemaps, user flows, sketching, design systems, wireframes, prototyping, and user testing.


We build brands that inspire. We will help you express your company’s personality and values through a comprehensive and consistent product experience that resonates with customers and nurtures lasting relationships.

Common practices: Logos, style guides, moodboards, iconography, business cards, color palettes, website, and presentations.

“What makes Igor different is his ability to take complex consumer behaviors and translate them into simple, intuitive designs that the Product teams can develop to achieve customer delight.”

Paul Nagy Chief Product Officer - Omnitracs

We’ll create a powerful, easy-to-manage, and scalable architecture that meets all of your application’s needs – supporting high performance requirements without compromise.

Common practices: Technical architecture planning, API & CMS development, DevOps architecture and manual & automated QA.


Our applications will provide thrilling experiences for your users and bring tangible value to your business – whether native, cross platform, or web.

Common practices: Augmented/mixed reality, voice interfaces and native or cross-platform apps.

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Why Us

We set clear expectations from the outset of every project and communicate how we are executing on deliverables at every stage of the design process. With honest pricing and transparency, you always see what you paid for – helping ensure not a single dollar is wasted.


With over 15 years of experience in the design field and an agile team of highly skilled designers you’ll receive a quick turnaround with quality deliverables – on time and on budget.


My team and I act as your partner, not a consultant. We are very hands on and will sit with you and your team on Slack. We’ll work using your project management tools like Jira, Monday, Asana, Trello, or Basecamp. We design, we advise, and we help you build a product that people love.


Each project is carefully vented and qualified to make sure we are a good match for each other and that we can deliver you real value. To guarantee success, myself and a senior team of professionals are committed to delivering quality products on time and on budget.

“Igor’s focus on client satisfaction is evident and he has all the knowledge and tools to make each project a success. I would recommend Igor to anyone looking for a UX professional and hope to work with him again.”

David Lindahl Founder - Crecera Digital

By removing barriers to launching digital products, my team and I deliver design solutions that matter – transforming the way we live.

I put my name on the line with every project that I work on – as a seal of my guarantee to deliver the best possible results.